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Welcome to PARSEC Ink, the publishing wing of PARSEC, Pittsburgh's premier science fiction organization.

Our most recent publication is Triangulation: Last Contact, our exciting new anthology featuring fiction from Robert J. Sawyer, Amy Treadwell, David Sklar, Aaron Polson and many other contributors. Go and buy a copy from Amazon or Barnes and Noble or buy one direct from us. You'll be glad you did. Read the reviews here .

In 2010, we produced Triangulation: End of the Rainbow, featuring fiction from Peter S. Beagle, Cat Rambo, Eugie Foster, and many others. It's available from Barnes and Noble and

Our previous anthology Triangulation: Dark Glass, featuring fiction from Rachel Swirsky, Kenneth B. Chiacchia, Craig Wolf, Loretta Sylvestre, and many other contributors remains available. Go and buy a copy direct from the printer. Check out the reviews .

Prior to that we published Triangulation: Taking Flight, still available as a paperback book or downloadable PDF from Thus far, the reviews have been good.

You can also get yourself a copy of Triangulation: End of Time, also available as a paperback book or downloadable PDF from Lulu. People loved it; check out these reviews.

If you're interested in our older projects -- Six From PARSEC, Parallax Second Tales, the 2003-2005 editions of Triangulation, or our 2006 calendar -- we refer you to our old page.

We're nearing the opening of the reading period for our next project, Triangulation: Morning After. If you'd like $15 and a chance to get your work in front of reviewers, check out guidelines and send us some good work.

Steve Ramey will edit this year's Triangulation anthology and also maintain this web page. He can be contacted at

On January 11, 2011 Ann Cecil, "the backbone of Parsec Ink" died after a characteristically valiant struggle with cancer . In her absence Steve Ramey can be contacted regarding Parsec Ink matters at

Morning After Receives Matching Donation Pledge

We have received an offer to match donations to the Morning After anthology, up to $1000. This means that everything we raise up to that amount will be DOUBLED. It's a great opportunity to get extra bang for your buck while supporting a great speculative fiction cause. Last year, the anthology received SEVEN recommendations in Tangent Online's year end list, and we already have some killer stories lined up for this year's edition.

Donations go toward paying contributors. The contribution link is currently housed on my web site. Please spread word of this great opportunity to anyone interested in supporting excellent speculative fiction.

Last Contact Receives SEVEN recommendations

Last Contact has SEVEN stories on Tangent Online's Recommended Reading for 2011 list. That's more than Asimov's, in the short story category.

We're grateful to everyone who submitted such fine work. The anthology is available via Amazon and Barnes and Noble Online. Please spread the word, leave reviews, etc..

Tangent Reviews Last Contact

Chuck Rothman reviews Triangulation: Last Contact.

A new review at Tangent.

"Triangulation is a series of loose-themed sf/fantasy anthologies put out in conjunction with the Confluence SF convention in Pittsburgh. This year's edition uses the theme of "Last Contact," and leaves it up to the writer to determine what "last contact" means. The result is a first-class anthology of 27 original stories (and one reprint) that will please any reader of speculative fiction."

Last Contact Table of Contents Announced

The Table of Contents has been finalized, assuming timely receipt of contracts from authors, of course.

“A Claw from the Western Paradise” by Gwendolyn Williams
“The Good Daughter” by Aaron Polson
"Ghost Dogs and Dream Horses" by Shanna Germain
“The Gold in the Straw” by Amanda C. Davis
“The Bright Air That Breathes No Pain” by Eric N. Schaller
“Boll Weevil” by Nathaniel Lee
“The Customs Shed” by John Walters
“Ezekiel” by Desmond Warzel
“Ocean Daughters” by Jaime Lee Moyer
“City of Bones” by Deborah Walker
“In Ruins” by Jo-Anne Odell
"In the Shadow of God, There is Fire" by Sandra Odell
“Lord God Bird” by Sarah Frost
“Norms” by Cynthia Ward
“To Rule, Do Nothing” by Tristan Davenport
“Zafir the Saudi Superhero” by Madhvi Ramani
“Twilight’s Last Gleaming” by H.L.N. Fullergon
“Lack of Charity” by James Beamon
“To Give the Perfect Dewdrop” by Dawn Lloyd
“The Party” by Christopher N. Nadeau
“The Reel” by Helen Tarzwell
“The Last Cyborg” by M. Yang
“A Feast of Kings” by David Sklar
“The Charnel Pit” by Stephen Gaskell
“God in the Machine” by Charles Patrick Brownson
"Seedling" by Eric Zivovic
“The Loss of Pain” by Amy Treadwell
“Mikeys” by Robert J. Sawyer

Release date: July 23, 2011. To whet your appetite in the meantime, I'm blogging teasers at Ramey Writes. Enjoy!

Eat Your Books Reviews End of the Rainbow

A new review at Eat Your Books. It's reviews like this one that keep us motivated.

"PARSEC Ink's annual sci-fi/fantasy anthology uses what initially appears to be a cheerful theme to unite a number of varied and unlikely short stories. I'm at a loss as to how I haven't heard about the yearly series until now. "

"Literary magazines have never made very much money. I understand it's a hard business with few rewards. But I just can't stand to think anyone who's participated in the creation of this book would believe they've failed when they've obviously succeeded so very well.

Shroud Reviews End of the Rainbow

Patrick Rutigliano reviews Triangulation: End of the Rainbow.

A new review at Shroud Magazine.

"After reading such an impressive collection of stories, Editor Bill Moran’s afterword comes off as particularly bittersweet. Each Triangulation is clearly a labor of love, and heavy labor at that. One can only appreciate the care expressed not only for the anthology, but quality fiction as a whole, when too much of today’s audience seems to have forgotten how to appreciate it. "

Tangent reviews End of the Rainbow

Jo-Anne Odell reviews Triangulation: End of the Rainbow.

A new review at Tangent.

"Overall, I think Triangulation: End of the Rainbow is one of the better collections available. There are some wonderful stories contained within it, and most are higher than average quality."

SF Crowsnest Reviews End of the Rainbow

Geoff Willmetts reviews Triangulation: End of the Rainbow.

A new review at SF Crowsnest.

"I do support its editor, Bill Moran, that there should be more short form fiction out there. After all, there’s enough outlets if you also consider the Net, and that there’s far too much distraction. Perhaps reading this book will encourage more of you to write."

Innsmouth Free Press reviews End of the Rainbow

A very nice review at Innsmouth Free Press.

"This anthology crept up on me. It wasn’t until I closed the back cover that I realised how much I enjoyed it. The “End of the Rainbow” theme does pull this anthology together and what’s best is looking back to make that connection. While some stories resonated more than others, when I went to list those worth special mention, they were more than half. And that is the true test of a collection."

Joshua Palmatier Reviews Dark Glass

"This is the first time I’ve ever read, let alone reviewed, an anthology published by a small press. I have to say the experience was interesting. I thought that the stories had much more of an edge to them regarding originality of story concepts, the authors playing with ideas that weren’t as standard or as accepted in the mainstream, such as different types of POV characters, or worlds that were leaning farther away from our own than usual. For this reason alone, I think I’ll continue reading small press anthologies when I get the chance. For fantasy and science fiction, it’s often the idea that makes the world cool, so pushing the envelope is definitely a good thing."

Read the full review.