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The Nightingale And The Rose

  • This tragic and beautiful tale is made all the more poignant by its interplay with the children?s fairytale genre. The Nightingale and the Rose is the simple story of a young student who falls in love with a beautiful and diffident girl. A tale of love, loss and sacrifice, The Nightingale and the Rose is a truly exquisite short story.

    Publisher : Electric Book Company
    published : 2002
  • Playwright, poet, essayist, flamboyant man-about-town, Oscar Wilde pack an astonishing amount of work, genius, and controversy into two short decades, producing masterworks in every literary genre. This selection includes almost all of his short stories, including "The Canterville Ghost," "The Fisherman and his Soul," and "The Remarkable Rocket."...

    Publisher : HarperCollins
    published : 2009
  • A nightingale selflessly sacrifices herself to help a young student win the love of his professor?s daughter, but both the professor?s daughter and the young student prove unworthy of her sacrifice. Victorian author Oscar Wilde is known both as a playwright and prose author. Among his most famous works are The Picture of Dorian Gray , his only novel,...

    Publisher : HarperCollins Canada
    published : 2014
  • The next volume in the prize-winning and greatly acclaimed complete adaptations of Wilde?s tales presents ?The Devoted Friend? on what constitutes real friendship, and ?The Nightingale and the Rose? a stirring story of sacrifice to love with a cruel twist. A signed and limited edition.

    Publisher : NBM Publishing
    published : 2004
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