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Machine Stops

  • "The Machine Stops" is a science fiction short story (of 12,000 words) by E. M. Forster. After initial publication in The Oxford and Cambridge Review (November 1909), the story was republished in Forster's The Eternal Moment and Other Stories in 1928. After being voted one of the best novellas up to 1965, it was included that same year...

    Publisher :
    published : 2010
  • The Machine Stops is a short science fiction story. It describes a world in which almost all humans have lost the ability to live on the surface of the Earth. Each individual lives in isolation in a 'cell', with all bodily and spiritual needs met by the omnipotent, global Machine. Most humans welcome this development, as they are skeptical and fearful...

    Publisher : Start Classics
    published : 2015
  • Ben, Rosie, and Max are visiting the recycling center. The big machines are exciting ? but oh no! Max drops his house key! Can Clunk help? What is Rosie's idea? Find out what happens. Read and Imagine provides great stories to read and enjoy, with language support, activities, and projects. Follow Rosie, Ben, and Grandpa on their exciting adventures...

    Publisher : Oxford University Press
    published : 2016
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